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About CAS

What first comes to your mind when you hear the word CAS? Do not panic, it is nothing to be scared of!! It is actually a lot more fun and useful than you might think it is…

For those who do not know yet, let us make it clear…

CAS deals with creativity, action, and service aimed at developing your practical skills in many areas and increasing your self-confidence, self-esteem, and organization.

CAS not only helps you in your academic career, but also adds a lot of other benefits such as encouraging your sociability skills.

Now, this might sound boring but hold on!

CAS enables you to achieve all this by simply engaging you in various activities such as music bands and theatre groups for creativity, playing sports and dancing for action, and visiting children and the orphanage for service.

This is not all, however!

If you cannot find the suitable activity for yourself or if you do now want to take part in any of these activities, are you allowed to come up with your own idea and activity?

Certainly so! We are open to any suggestions that come from you.

What we only ask from you is not to take CAS as an obligatory and a graded subject but to enjoy every single activity you are attending!

Keep in mind that even thought it is not obligatory you still need to fulfill some requirements. For example, you need to keep a CAS diary for each activity, in which you will write how each activity has added to your development and what you have learned from it. With this you will reflect on what you have done and see how you can improve your skills. Also, you can not slack or cheat with your activity, at the end of each year you need to have a specific amount of hours to graduate from IB. If the CAS coordinator feels you have cheated or not fulfilled the requirements, then the CAS coordinator can not clear you for graduation, even if you have the best grades and are academically eligible.

You have to bear in mind, however, that academic honesty is a very important issue for us!

Remember… the more you enjoy the activities and the more you learn something from them, the less we will be asking from you and the happier you make us! 🙂

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