XV. gimnazija, Jordanovac 8. Zagreb

Model United Nations International conference in Zagreb (MUNIZ in AISZ) 2019

The delegation of the XV. Gymnasium, which included Ania Budimir, Nina Mikulić, Lara Mojsović, Luna Vakula, Eva Polovina, Tara Dragičević, Chiara Nikšić and Nikita Verkić, successfully participated at the first instalment of the MUNIZ Conference hosted by the American International School of Zagreb. The conference focused on relevant issues related to disarmament, international relations and up-to-date social issues. Some of the issues that were debated at the conference include the issue of capital punishment, problems concerning human and drug trafficking and numerous other international issues that present a threat to peace and security. The delegates present at the conference successfully passed several resolutions and participated in a good-spirited debate.

XV. gimnazija