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Curriculum Overviews

To ensure that the IB philosophy and principles will be reinforced and applied into the school syllabus and teaching, the teachers are obliged to carefully plan and structure their courses and syllabi for the IB Diploma Programme subjects. The teachers and all staff members should pay attention that all requirements, IB learner profile qualities and aims are met and that the six academic areas enclose the central core of the DP philosophy; Theory of Knowledge, CAS and Approaches to Learning.

The enclosed Curriculum Overviews provide an opportunity to explore the content, structure, and assessment elements of our IB DP courses offered.

Biology HL_Curriculum overview

Biology SL_Curriculum overview

Chemistry_Curriculum overview

Computer Science_Curriculum overview

Croatian A_Curriculum overview

Economics_Curriculum overview

English A_Curriculum overview

English B_Curriculum overview

French B_Curriculum Overview

German B_Curriculum overview

Mathematics 2018-20_Curriculum overview

Mathematics_NEW_Curriculum overview

Physics_Curriculum overview

Psychology_Curriculum overview

TOK_Curriculum overview

Visual Arts_Curriculum overview

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