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Personal Project

PP Guide 2023./24.

PersonalProject Assessment

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ATL skills framework

Personal project is a very important part of the MYP for all students. It is a significant body of work produced over an extended period in the final year of Middle Years Programme (MYP 5).
Personal project is a product of students’ own initiative, and should reflect their experience of the MYP. It provides an excellent opportunity for students to produce a truly personal piece of work of their choice and to demonstrate the skills they have developed.
The process of completing the personal project is led by the student and supervised by a teacher. The student is required to demonstrate the appropriate commitment, as well as the ability and initiative to work independently.
The assessment of the personal project is a summative assessment of students’ ability to conduct independent work using the areas of interaction as contexts for their inquiries.

After the completion of personal projects, the school organises Personal project festival where students present their projects to their fellow students, teachers and parents.

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