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Spring is coming …

The sun and blossoms and leafy trees invite us to take a walk and enjoy nature. But so that you don’t forget to read, we offer you these exciting and wonderful books, inspiring stories about love, friendship and growing up.

  • Lauren OLIVER: Before I fall – insightful and moving story of a pretty high-school bully who meets a tragic end and is forced to relive her last day on Earth until she makes the right changes to her life. Beautifully written novel that will have you laughing, crying and thinking about the choices we make and things we’d like to change, make them perfect, if only we would have second chance.
  • Donna TARTT: The little friend – twelve-year-old Harriet is trying to grow up while her mother is permanently on medication, her father has moved away and her sister rarely notices anything. All of them are still suffering from the shocking and mysterious death of her brother Robin more than ten years ago. Complex novel wiht vivid psychological characterisation, brilliant observation and ingenious plot.
  • Kate CANN: Leaving Poppy – thrilling and inventive horror novel divided in two parts. Amber tries to leave home and escape her half-sister Poppy who is constantly turning her life in hell. She starts new life with new job and new friends, but then she falls ill and has to come back. In the meanwhile Poppy has moved to the attick of the house and something malign and threatening begins to posess their lives.
  • A.M. HOMES: Jack – a 15-year-old Jack likeable and good kid caught up in complicated circumstances. He  falls in love with Maggie, at the same time when he is dealing with the divorce of his parents and the revelation that his father is gay, which leads to bulliyng by some students. But soon he will learn that his friends are also having difficult issues. Touching and tragi-comic novel about growing up.
  • Colleen HOOVER: Hopeless – when Sky, high-school student with troubled past meets Dean, a guy with a promiscuous reputation, he terrifies her and captivates her. After a while he manages to break down her defenses and the intensive bond between them grows. But when his secrets are revealed, Sky’s life will be changed forever. Breathless and passionate story of devastating first love.

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