XV. gimnazija, Jordanovac 8. Zagreb

MUN Conference

A delegation of 8 students from XV. Gimnazija, IB programme participated at the MUN Conference in Athens, Greece from 6. to the 8. of March, 2015.

The conference included delegates from Egypt, Cyprus, Greece, Croatia, The Czech Republic, Russia, Lebanon, Norway and Turkey. During the conference, delegates from the XV. Gimnazija participated in the works of all of the relevant committees, such as the Security Council, ECOSOC, Legal committee, Disarmament committee and others.

The delegates at the conference discussed topics such as the issue of United Nations reform, peacekeeping and current threats to international peace and security. All of the delegates of the XV. Gimnazija successfully participated in the conference committees and several of the resolutions that they proposed have passed. During the visit to Athens the delegation of the XV. Gimnazija also visited the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Greece.


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XV. gimnazija